Saturday, 13 November 2010

Looking well

Its funny how chubby my youngest looks in the picture because, in person he isn't really that chubby at all. Well, I would be delighted if he is, as it is what I really want but unfortunately, he isn't that chubby. No matter how much food he eat and milk still he is a little skinny. At least, I would not need to diet him or control his eating when he is a little bit older. Unlike my other two who were chubby since babies and, it was such a struggle to keep them away from the food. But gladly, they're both look trimmed and well after few months of depraving them from junks and sweets. I'm happy because, I thought I had to buy these diet pills for them in the future. But, I must say, after reading this lipozene reviews, I decided that it really isn't that bad after all. I think this product is the best when you are desperate to lose that extra weight in you. It works well with others so, it should work well with you. So, don't hesitate to give it try.


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