Monday, 8 November 2010

Dream Holidays

If we are going for another short break next summer, I would love to visit Italy. There are few cities in this particular country that I would love, love to see. Venice, is one of it. It has been my dreams since childhood to visit the country. Unfortunately, financial priorities hinders back my dreams. But, looks like its going to happen real soon. I don't know when exactly but, seems like I already can smell something really exciting. It would really be a great surprise for me so, hubby is kind of working his way through. Ah, so much for this excitement...

On the other hand, I am searching for this obx rentals and find out more about it. It got me curious so, I am now heading to its website. Who knows besides Italy, we can go to some other places too and, wouldn't it be ideal to rent a house for the entire holiday? It will certainly help us a bit. Don't you think?
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