Thursday, 25 November 2010

Good set of teeth

I had my dental check-up about few months ago and had my teeth cleaned. The dentist said, that I have a good set of teeth which is not very common to many young people these days. I think I am just lucky that I got a good teeth. I'm proud of it, because I don't have to spend thousands of pounds to make it look better. Well, I wouldn't say its perfect but its more bearable or pleasant to see. Well, if I have a lot of extra money sitting in the bank I would want it even more straighter because one of it in the front stick out a little bit. Its actually visible even in the picture but, as the dentist said, he wouldn't recommend it yet. Most people are actually complimenting more about my teeth so, I guess that is one my asset. Ah, it embarrassing to admit but I am just delighted and happy that I got at least my teeth to show off for I know the rest of me are ugly.


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