Thursday, 25 November 2010

Easy way to get rid of acne

This is a common question that almost everyone asked, "how to get rid of acne"? Ah, based on my experienced, washing your face is simply one of the best solution, then followed with applying some acne cream or, any acne treatment will do. Plus, a proper 8 hours sleep every night also helps. Having said that, I just had few acne on my forehead lately because I haven't had any decent sleep since last week. Its because, my little one is currently teething with a slight temperature along with it. It's not good, he is a little clingy and cranky in the night as sometimes even in a day time. So, thats the reason why I'm sleepless at night. So, acne are attacking me! Never mind, I have treated it and there are few left but I know it'll eventually fade away.

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