Thursday, 25 November 2010

Tanning Bed Lotions

Oh, how lucky I am to have got this natural tan skin for I don't need to spend thousands of bucks to get it. Unlike my friends here in UK whom spend a lot of money buying tanning bed lotion and not only that they also go to tanning booth once a month - if not often. As they say, I am very fortunate to have a natural brown skin but what they didn't know is, I want to have a white skin too. It is so ridiculous of how opposite people can be. In short, not satisfied of what has given us. I, (since childhood) always wanted a fairer skin or pale skin because, back in my country white skin considered to be beautiful, rich and our countrymen highly respect and bows to those people. Its truly bizarre!

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I'm so lucky to have friends near me and whom I can call whenever I need someone to lend on. Not only that, they are also good cook and I have always enjoy all the food they cooked. They help me a lot over the years. I have not feeling so homesick as I used to anymore. They are great fun and great company. I'm glad I really got along with them all. I always look forward for our get together - chitchats and food feast are always amazing.


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Directories: help increase blog traffic!

This blog have been submitted to many directories available in the net. These directory submissions can actually help bring more blog traffic in your site. I've noticed how many visitors I've got each day and thats because this blog has been registered to most directories that I know. It will continuously increase my viewers and readers even without me reciprocating. No pressure! Through directories, I have found as many interested blogs with helpful informations - it just what I need. So, why not submit yours too. If you are looking to expand and increase your blog traffic then this is the obvious way to do so.

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Good set of teeth

I had my dental check-up about few months ago and had my teeth cleaned. The dentist said, that I have a good set of teeth which is not very common to many young people these days. I think I am just lucky that I got a good teeth. I'm proud of it, because I don't have to spend thousands of pounds to make it look better. Well, I wouldn't say its perfect but its more bearable or pleasant to see. Well, if I have a lot of extra money sitting in the bank I would want it even more straighter because one of it in the front stick out a little bit. Its actually visible even in the picture but, as the dentist said, he wouldn't recommend it yet. Most people are actually complimenting more about my teeth so, I guess that is one my asset. Ah, it embarrassing to admit but I am just delighted and happy that I got at least my teeth to show off for I know the rest of me are ugly.


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Easy way to get rid of acne

This is a common question that almost everyone asked, "how to get rid of acne"? Ah, based on my experienced, washing your face is simply one of the best solution, then followed with applying some acne cream or, any acne treatment will do. Plus, a proper 8 hours sleep every night also helps. Having said that, I just had few acne on my forehead lately because I haven't had any decent sleep since last week. Its because, my little one is currently teething with a slight temperature along with it. It's not good, he is a little clingy and cranky in the night as sometimes even in a day time. So, thats the reason why I'm sleepless at night. So, acne are attacking me! Never mind, I have treated it and there are few left but I know it'll eventually fade away.

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Christmas Shopping plans

I really have no idea what to give hubby this Christmas. If in doubt I'll just get him one of this amazon gift cards. I know that he wanted a new computer but, I just don't have a clue how to buy computers desktop at all. So, I have better give him the gift cards then maybe he could used it to buy his new PC online. Because, at the moment, he is still searching for the best deal. Unlike the kids, they already given me their Christmas wishlist. Its going to be a busy month for me. Shopping here and there and everywhere! I hope to drive down to Bicester again. I want to see all the latest goodies from the outlet shops there. Hubby said, "Yes" to before Christmas. Yes!

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kath's 9th birthday gifts

These are the two main things that our baby girl asked for her 9th birthday present. And, who would have thought that Auntie V and cousin P will gave her the doll's house and not to mention the furnitures. Our Kath is the happiest celebrant! Not only that, she also got her other wish, her very first digital camera from Mummy and Daddy with love. What a lucky girl! But, she deserved it all as she is our only one (unica ija) so, we always try our best to make her happy.

IMG_5221 Kath's main present from Mummy and daddy

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Curious mind..

At last, my little one has finally asleep. He has been so stubborn of going to sleep lately and I'm having hard time handling it because, I, myself, got so sleepy and tired and sometime I even feel asleep ahead of him. I think it might have to do with his teething pain, despite all that gel and teething pain reliever I gave him. It is nearly midnight and I haven't done any of my nightly chores yet. I have a feeling that I might not be able to hang my laundry and finish all the pile of ironing. How I wish I had someone to help me. Anyway, I have better take this moment to browse and check kershaw chive as I have been itching to do so, since this morning. I suddenly got curious with this stuff. I don't know why? Its just one of my many moments when I get so interested into few things. Ah, curiosity it is.

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Late Snacking

I was up really late last night, I didn't go back to bed until quarter to 3am, huh! That was the trouble for sleeping in so early (6am?), it was just a minute after we had our dinner. Suddenly, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep anymore. I was all wide awake and so, I went in the living room and watched "The Apprentice" instead. An hour later, I felt hungry and asked hubby to make me something to nibble on. I know I shouldn't had to but when I'm hungry I can't stop but feed myself else, I'll get cranky. Then, as always, I felt really guilty for eating that late at night, it was not very good discipline of myself. Again, not very proud for that, I hope I can stop this bad eating habit and worst, its always after 10pm. Not great!

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Looking well

Its funny how chubby my youngest looks in the picture because, in person he isn't really that chubby at all. Well, I would be delighted if he is, as it is what I really want but unfortunately, he isn't that chubby. No matter how much food he eat and milk still he is a little skinny. At least, I would not need to diet him or control his eating when he is a little bit older. Unlike my other two who were chubby since babies and, it was such a struggle to keep them away from the food. But gladly, they're both look trimmed and well after few months of depraving them from junks and sweets. I'm happy because, I thought I had to buy these diet pills for them in the future. But, I must say, after reading this lipozene reviews, I decided that it really isn't that bad after all. I think this product is the best when you are desperate to lose that extra weight in you. It works well with others so, it should work well with you. So, don't hesitate to give it try.


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Best Fat Burner is what I need now..

This afternoon, my daughter's birthday was successfully happened. Although, its only few of my friends that I bothered to invites but it was like hundreds of them came over, with all those loud noised they have made. Not to mention, the food was like feeding thousands of people so, we ended eating loads. Now, I absolutely thing that I need the best fat burner to dissolve and get rid of this excess fats in my body. Its terribly embarrassing and I'm so guilty after stuffing myself this afternoon. I can't hardly breath - not-so-greedy, eh? I'll hope to get some exercise this weekend and really need to keep myself active regardless of this pretty bad weather.

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SSDI, a helpful service

Wouldn't it be nice for people to have ssdi? Oh yeah, it is, with no hesitation - a very handy for those who are disable. One absolute great service that assist more than 100 of thousands of their disability needs and getting their healthcare and financial insurance easily. SSDI is an awesome to have and that's a fact!

Anyway, tonight's party was a blast and glad, everyone enjoyed the food. I ate loads, probably more than enough to get me going for the rest of the weekend, lol. So, thanks to those my friends who helped me cook and who came over and made the party successful. I'll share the pics later, hehe.

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Thursday, 11 November 2010


Still and has been enjoying my hobby all this time. I had collect a quite a few photos in my FLICKR. If you are my contact then you probably noticed I madly I uploaded photos there lately. Its amazing how many thousands of photos I have in there but no worries, I paid a PRO account so, its unlimited. I will continuously enjoy my hobby as long as I have breath. Here's couple of my Macro shots.

IMG_2299 IMG_2205

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I want one

Most people rely on credit card, nowadays. I, on the other hand, don't have any and I'm so looking forward to that day where I can have one. For now, debit is what I used all the time. Maybe next year I will apply one for myself just for emergency use. Also, I want to build up a good credit score all the way. Because, it can apparently help me as a person to be trusted by the banks. Alright, next year before our Philippine trip, I will definitely have one. It can be useful especially when your debit card played up sometimes and credit card to the rescue, right?
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A must-have this Winter

I shopped online again last night and finally choose few winter stuff for myself to keep me warm this very cold days. Hubby promised me these stuff last month and so, now its purchased and I am just here waiting excitedly for it to arrived. It probably took a while since its from France and I will see if it is definitely looks as what in the picture, else I'll send it back. Not that cheap so, its just right to have that customers satisfaction, right?

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Dream Holidays

If we are going for another short break next summer, I would love to visit Italy. There are few cities in this particular country that I would love, love to see. Venice, is one of it. It has been my dreams since childhood to visit the country. Unfortunately, financial priorities hinders back my dreams. But, looks like its going to happen real soon. I don't know when exactly but, seems like I already can smell something really exciting. It would really be a great surprise for me so, hubby is kind of working his way through. Ah, so much for this excitement...

On the other hand, I am searching for this obx rentals and find out more about it. It got me curious so, I am now heading to its website. Who knows besides Italy, we can go to some other places too and, wouldn't it be ideal to rent a house for the entire holiday? It will certainly help us a bit. Don't you think?
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Major-major rides at Legoland

Our September was just as great as the rest of the summer. Daddy managed to insert a weekend in his busy diary for us to have a family outing. And, this time, we finally went to Legoland after many years of wishing for it. The kids thoroughly enjoyed all the rides and so, are Mummy and Daddy. It was such a lovely days out and we are hoping we could do the same by next summer. Not expensive, not luxurious but memorable and full of love short break. We don't ask for major-major trip, simple and memorable like Legoland with our love ones wouldn't break a bank balance. Here's some captured scenes during our rides....and more, in my FLICKR.


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Harder for the the 3rd time around.

Lipofuze is the one I'm pondering using one of this days if I can't manage to get rid of this excess meat in my belly. Hubby said, must be that muscles are all relax after 3 kids. Is there's a thing like that? I'm not convinced but somehow hubby is trying to make me feel better. Well, I am definitely bigger than couple years ago so, I'm not sure if its because its a natural thing to expand a bit after the 3rd child. I just don't know how to get back to my size before, I have tried but I'm just so tempted to eat in the wrong time of the day. Snacking, you know what I mean? Its certainly harder for the 3rd time around but, I hope this lipofuze will help me achieve my goal.

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Birthday greetings today

Its monday the 8th and I forgot to greet my sister a happy birthday yesterday. How bad! Pretty bad big sister me, eh? Oh yeah, but its better late than never. I am going to make it up with her today. She is the next to me so, she turned 27 yrs old. I have to make sure I greet her today or otherwise she'll sulk for the rest of the year. Oh well...
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