Thursday, 21 October 2010

Just a sleepless night

Right now, I have this really big acne under my lips. Its kind of itchy and sore. When I wash my face this morning, I had to really gentle while rubbing the soup in my face because, I don't want to pop it. Just one sleepless night that caused it. Amazing, how quickly I get an acne for just a night without a sleep. That is why my sleeping routine is very important to me. But, I can't avoid a sleepless night too especially with an 8 months old teething monster in my side. Yes, did I just reveal our secret? Alright, baby Will is sleeping with Mummy and Daddy every night. So, that is why, some night he can messed up my sleeping patterns. Anyway, the other night, I had to really ask hubby to buy me an acne medicine because I want to get rid of this big acne right under my lips before the weekend comes. I want to look good this weekend family do. So, fingers cross. I only have a day or two.

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