Thursday, 21 October 2010

Important Vitamins

I lost track of how many vitamins my kids and I are taking before and now. I believe are a must-have as part of your daily diet. My eldest had about 5 kinds of vitamins way back in Philippines. And, as soon as we moved back here in England, she had to stop taking the 4 of them and I replaced it to the multivitamins. And so, the rest of my kids. But few months ago, I decided that they had to take an specific vitamin C besides the multi one. With that being said, I bought me and hubby a vitamin c serum yesterday too. We been taking a vitamin C since we got married. I personally think its the most important vitamins of all. So, in our house, you can always see loads of vitamins C stock in our cupboard, as I always make sure we don't run out.
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