Thursday, 21 October 2010

FB Circles of friends

I have been long addicted to this facebook. The worst thing is, there is no treatment found yet. [LOL]. FB is really addicting at the same time quite a good access to my old lost friends and classmates. Through FB, I found half of my long lost friends and few classmates from both high school and grade school. Its really a fun networking site and the best that I came across by miles unless a new one will come along. Anyway, now my list of friends are reaching nearly 600 and most of them I know previously when I was still single and naive. [LOL]. But one thing I want to find is, my first crush... (which became my bf in the end of our second year high school)where the hell is he now? I still haven't found him in any networking at all. It just nice to see how he is like today, hehe. I wan't to see why he was my crush for the long time until I met my husband. If I can remember, he is not that good looking guy. But, he was very neat and tidy especially in our uniforms and in whites. I wonder if he is married yet? Find out, find out, find out! FB, please grant my wish!

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