Saturday, 16 October 2010

Desperately need a bigger Space..

Its been pretty hard for us for the last 2 months as we try to sell our Flat and every week there is a viewing, we got to clean up and clear the clutters away. Then, we got no offer at all. There is one viewer said, they wouldn't want to offer more than 15% off the asking price. Now, we are going to put this on to let so we can move in 3 months time. Oh, I can't wait! I am excited and so are the kids. Once it will happen, we will get the time to start cycling and do all the things that we are not able to do here in our very small PAD. It would be great to burn these excess fats we are all putting due to less exercise and space to move around. No garden is hard to deal with especially with 3 children involved. We could probably buy thermogenic fat burner to help us lose weight but, this could be more useful for hubby. Ah, we needed that space and garden badly. If only I could turn the time quicker.
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