Thursday, 21 October 2010

Binocular is my son x-mas wish...

Would binocular good enough to find my first crush? [LOL]. Or telescope would be better?

Ah, if you wonder what I am talking about, just read my previous post. It's about my first crush during my high school years. It was such a memorable moment of my life. I was too rebellious and too wild. I wasn't the favourite of our teachers at all. But, never regret anything from the past. It was all fun but, done and dusted.

Anyway, my son is talking about a binocular for his Christmas present. I don't know why he suddenly like the thing. Whereas, I bout him one couple years ago and, he broke it. Ah, its up to Santa really. If he thinks my 4 yr old is good enough then, who knows he might get what he ask. But, I doubt it!

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