Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Branson next year...

My husband has been very kind and generous to us this year because he took us to quite a few places over the end of the summer. Oh yes, its not as fancy as everybody thinks but for me it was quite a special time for us all. In couple weeks time, we will be going to Legoland for the weekend. I think its hubby's way of paying us back his time because he was very busy working and hardly had a time with us over the spring and to the extent summer. Only lately that he was suddenly taking his part as a husband and a father. The kids was just as excited and happy as me. So, I hope the next summer we will be going to a fancy holiday. Branson vacation packages will be worth checking, yeah? Why not! Might suggest it to hubby so we could prepare and start saving for our pocket money because with 3 kids in tow can be quite an expensive journey. Its really true!
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