Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Better safe than sorry..

Lately, I have been complaining of stomach pain. I don't know if its because of my diet and less exercise. The weather certainly is not helping. Whenever the coldness strike I tend to get lazy and just want to sit around do nothing but eats and sleep. Its terrible habit that I need to stop now. Anyway, I would want to go for a check-up and plus, I need to book my smear test so, I might just do it together to save time. Also, a colon cleanser would not be a bad idea at all. I wouldn't mind starting to look after my health now since I beginning to age a bit. After I read that paper few days ago, about a mum who died of a cancer and left her 3 young children behind, it made me realised how important it is to keep ourselves healthy and fit. All I pray and asked for, is for me to see my children grow and happily settled with each of their own family. Therefore, I decided to take charge of our diet. I mean, not just me but all of us, especially my husband. He has the most weight among us and the inactive one apart from his work.

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