Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Back to work soon..

Omg! I forgot that we are near the end of September. Well, we are in the end, not just near. Anyway, I just realised that I need to ring my manager to let them know that I am coming back to work very soon. Oh my, time goes so quick. I think its because I enjoyed the time with my kids without work to worry about. Maternity leave certainly helps! I'm lucky to be given that time alone for my family. Now, its near to the end of my leave and, its time to think whether I go back before Christmas or wait until January. Not that much gap, anyway. But, I wanted to have money on Christmas so that I can buy presents to those people who are close to my heart. I'm not counting, "YOU", bast***! Hahaha, kidding folks! Well, its always the thoughts that counts. Anyway, I gotta dig out my closet and find that maternity booklet I was given because the number I need to ring is in there.

So, good day to you all!

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