Friday, 17 September 2010

About to change my eating habit...

Believe it or not, me and my friends feasted quite a lot of food over this week. Since Monday it was, when we started partying in my place and over their place too. It was unbelievable amount of food we made and ate, in every single day this week. I'm so up until midnight before I can finally go to bed, because, I really felt too full and breathless. All that scrumptious food that my friends cooked and not to mention, those delicious pudding. Having a friends around you or near you is a great thing. But, the negative side of it is, I will certainly put on so much weight. My goal was to lose all my post pregnancy fats. Now, I think I made it worst. I might start enrolling myself to Zumba classes or if not, go to the Gym. Oh, hang on! Diet pills appetite suppressants would probably the best option. Ah, I should just used it long time ago. But, maybe I wait until the Christmas holiday is over. Well, first of all, I have to stop my midnight snacking because I think this is the worst habit I have. I should just eat more fruits and vegetables. Ah, stubborn head here!

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