Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tote Bags for me...........

Have I mentioned about my new designer bag? Oh well, it was a treat for me from hubby with love. It was last Sunday when hubby took us to Bicester Village shopping outlet for the very first time. I was stunned with the place and the shops around it. My gosh, it's definitely my kind of place I have looked for years. Anyway, hubby was generous to buy me one of Matthew Williamson's multi-coloured canvas tote bag. The next time I go back there I'm going to buy a shoes. Got my eye on Jimmy Choo's heeled shoes and boots. Huh, I can't wait and that will be in the next couple weeks. By the way, I am also looking out for some custom tote bags online. I just love handbags - (particularly tote bags). As a mother of three, I needed to be ready all the time. So, for that I always make sure to carry many kids stuff in my bag whenever we are out of the house. Wet wipes, nappies, extra clothes, bottle, juice - you name it all. So, I guess that is why I prefer tote bags as they have specifically larger pockets. So, whenever I buy handbags, mostly has to be totes. I know I've got few but buying another one will not hurt hubby's pocket. [wink]. Its on the top of my list to buy when we go shopping next.
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