Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hat's and Fascinator

Hats and fascinator can be worn during weddings, christening and any other parties. I love to wear any of these too but only that, I don't look as good as these people. I find it really awkward, it maybe because I'm not use to it. The first time I wore hat was during my kids christening. I look a bit funny but hubby said, I look wonderful. Well, he said so....

Anyway, my daughter looks great in fascinator so I was thinking that maybe the next wedding we are going to attend I let her wear a hat. I am still looking via online and I must say its not cheap to buy one. So, I'll keep it for any other occasion.

Here's few I took during last weekend with that first wedding we attended.

IMG_8674 IMG_8702IMG_8706

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