Saturday, 14 August 2010

Civil Partnership Experienced

Last weekend, I've attended a wedding ceremony and a party. It was an experienced for me since it was my first time to witness a civil partnership in my whole life. It happen to be my husband's Boss at work and was very kind to invite us all into his big day. I must say, it was such a traditional solemn ceremony and full of love. I enjoyed so much and I had a great time and so are my kids. What a wonderful place it was! Other guest were just as great. Anyway, finding an outfit for me was a total nightmare but gladly, hubby was as always generous and patience in handling it all. God knows, how many dresses he bought and I end up wearing one of the last batch he purchased on the same day. I just felt so comfortable with the dress because it wasn't showing much of my bulging belly. Sad to admit but it was a size 12 at Collingwood Bachelor (GIV's brand) which hubby spent a fortune including with the other 2 purple dresses which I'm hoping to wear for the 2nd wedding we are going to attend in the end of this month. Anyway, here's a couple wedding pictures....

IMG_8695 IMG_8750

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