Saturday, 14 August 2010

Back to School soon

Summer holiday is nearly over.[Sigh]! I only have couple weeks to get everything ready for my kids school supplies. My daughter will start on the 2nd of September and my 4 year old is not until the 8th. Already bought their uniforms but still I need to buy their school bags, shoes and the rest of their school stuff. Anyway, talking about school, I am hoping to take a short courses online. Hubby and I talked about it often and he thought of me taking a midwifery, radiographer, photography or even study about fashion. Have been checking about Online Schools lately, and there are loads of courses offered. Only it need me to commit for it 100% otherwise money and time will be just wasted. I do really need to sit down and think about it very soon before I get into an aged that schooling for me its not an option anymore. Online schools should be the best option for now as I have a little one to look after too which hinders me to go out anywhere. It is just too impossible! I'm glad there is this online schools that offered many online courses. But first I must checked the requirements and get it all ready before I finally enroll myself. I better wait for the next semester because September is just too soon for me to get it all done or I'll see what I can do best.

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