Monday, 23 August 2010

My Fave Contenders

Kenia Martinez, Miss Jamaica 2010

Debora Lyra, Miss Mexico 2010

Jesinta Campbell, Miss Australia 2010

Miss Uruguay (Stephany Ortega)

Miss Philippines (Maria Venus Raj)

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hubby's TV upgrade plan

Its only been about 2 years since we've got our 50 inches LCD television and now hubby already talked about upgrading. He's been reading some projector reviews recently and found out some very interesting information. But, he's never been a fan of projection Televisions though. Anyway, I'm not sure when we are going to move - but once we will, hubby will surely get this new LCD television that he wanted. Our current LCD TV is still working great and picture wise, is exceptionally awesome. But according to the boss, the kids can have it in their playroom while he'll have his new one. Televisions are certainly his obsession, no doubt. It's no different from me when it comes to my DLSR too. Anyway, I shouldn't complain because he works hard so, its just right to treat himself once in a while.
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Party after Party..

Been partying day after day with friends. Party means with plenty of foods around. I have been eating more than I should need to so, not surprised I put on so much weight instead of losing it. But, never mind I'll lose it all in no time. I just have to enjoy the summer for it only comes once in a year. Gotta build up for the coming long winter again.
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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tote Bags for me...........

Have I mentioned about my new designer bag? Oh well, it was a treat for me from hubby with love. It was last Sunday when hubby took us to Bicester Village shopping outlet for the very first time. I was stunned with the place and the shops around it. My gosh, it's definitely my kind of place I have looked for years. Anyway, hubby was generous to buy me one of Matthew Williamson's multi-coloured canvas tote bag. The next time I go back there I'm going to buy a shoes. Got my eye on Jimmy Choo's heeled shoes and boots. Huh, I can't wait and that will be in the next couple weeks. By the way, I am also looking out for some custom tote bags online. I just love handbags - (particularly tote bags). As a mother of three, I needed to be ready all the time. So, for that I always make sure to carry many kids stuff in my bag whenever we are out of the house. Wet wipes, nappies, extra clothes, bottle, juice - you name it all. So, I guess that is why I prefer tote bags as they have specifically larger pockets. So, whenever I buy handbags, mostly has to be totes. I know I've got few but buying another one will not hurt hubby's pocket. [wink]. Its on the top of my list to buy when we go shopping next.
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Hat's and Fascinator

Hats and fascinator can be worn during weddings, christening and any other parties. I love to wear any of these too but only that, I don't look as good as these people. I find it really awkward, it maybe because I'm not use to it. The first time I wore hat was during my kids christening. I look a bit funny but hubby said, I look wonderful. Well, he said so....

Anyway, my daughter looks great in fascinator so I was thinking that maybe the next wedding we are going to attend I let her wear a hat. I am still looking via online and I must say its not cheap to buy one. So, I'll keep it for any other occasion.

Here's few I took during last weekend with that first wedding we attended.

IMG_8674 IMG_8702IMG_8706

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Back to School soon

Summer holiday is nearly over.[Sigh]! I only have couple weeks to get everything ready for my kids school supplies. My daughter will start on the 2nd of September and my 4 year old is not until the 8th. Already bought their uniforms but still I need to buy their school bags, shoes and the rest of their school stuff. Anyway, talking about school, I am hoping to take a short courses online. Hubby and I talked about it often and he thought of me taking a midwifery, radiographer, photography or even study about fashion. Have been checking about Online Schools lately, and there are loads of courses offered. Only it need me to commit for it 100% otherwise money and time will be just wasted. I do really need to sit down and think about it very soon before I get into an aged that schooling for me its not an option anymore. Online schools should be the best option for now as I have a little one to look after too which hinders me to go out anywhere. It is just too impossible! I'm glad there is this online schools that offered many online courses. But first I must checked the requirements and get it all ready before I finally enroll myself. I better wait for the next semester because September is just too soon for me to get it all done or I'll see what I can do best.

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Civil Partnership Experienced

Last weekend, I've attended a wedding ceremony and a party. It was an experienced for me since it was my first time to witness a civil partnership in my whole life. It happen to be my husband's Boss at work and was very kind to invite us all into his big day. I must say, it was such a traditional solemn ceremony and full of love. I enjoyed so much and I had a great time and so are my kids. What a wonderful place it was! Other guest were just as great. Anyway, finding an outfit for me was a total nightmare but gladly, hubby was as always generous and patience in handling it all. God knows, how many dresses he bought and I end up wearing one of the last batch he purchased on the same day. I just felt so comfortable with the dress because it wasn't showing much of my bulging belly. Sad to admit but it was a size 12 at Collingwood Bachelor (GIV's brand) which hubby spent a fortune including with the other 2 purple dresses which I'm hoping to wear for the 2nd wedding we are going to attend in the end of this month. Anyway, here's a couple wedding pictures....

IMG_8695 IMG_8750

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