Friday, 2 July 2010

We needed a new Door lock

Why is it after giving birth the time seems to go so quickly? When I was still huge (pregnant) time was so slow like it goes on forever. Now, my youngest is already nearly 5 months old. In a few months time I'll be going back to work. Ah, life for me is so great. Anyway, I just literally came back from sending my 4 yr old to school. It's quite a hot day out there, gladly I covered myself with tanning lotion as if I don't have a natural protection but its better safe than sorry. Alright, I have to stop myself from being idle here in the PC because I've got stuff to do. I only got an hour before I head out again to pick my 4 yr old. Oh just as I remember that I needed to buy a new door locks because our one got broken couple days ago. Gotta replace it soon as possible!

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