Friday, 30 July 2010

Random Photos

Hubby and I talked about my camera upgrades a lot. He said, I deserved to buy what I wanted (the full frame) because I worked hard to earn money. Well, I'm still in my maternity pay but soon it'll end as I only got few months left unpaid. However, I used my money to support my sisters university. Though, I save money for the camera I wanted but still I am unsure whether to spend it or just keep it in my bank as a my personal savings in case I don't get back to work yet. I am just thinking to upgrade to a cheaper model such as Canon 50D and will just buy a new lens to go with it. Ah, my 400D still doing great and since I've got few lenses I can get the picture I wanted. All I need is just few fancy settings in the Camera and I can see that 50D will give my satisfaction. I can always get my full frame dream later on. Definitely my 2 and a half years old DSLR still gives me a better shots. Here's some proof below with a little tweak in Photoshop.

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