Sunday, 11 July 2010

Business idea...

If you are my Flickr and Facebook friends then you'll know how crazy I upload photos more in my Flickr though. I've got like 6 and a half thousands of photos uploaded and yet I have 10 thousands that I haven't share. Gosh, can you imagine how quick and easy I filled my HD. I just got an upgrade 6 months ago but it looks like I need another upgrade because I nearly run out of space. Yeah, photography definitely consumed most of my time. Sad but true! I can't keep up my photos anymore, I just upload few good ones unlike before I upload every single shot I have in my compact. I somehow thought of setting up a business online or build a studio. Ah, any thing that I can make some moolah instead of just sitting all day in front of my PC. It's certainly a waste of time! I'm penny less every minute! But Studio certainly needs a big capital to start with. So, I pondering about testosterone cream if it is a good business? Hmmmm, now this is an idea! Got to discuss with the hubby first. Will keep you all posted!

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