Sunday, 11 July 2010

Burger with egg

Another night of unsuccessful meal. Imagine, I had a huge burger with egg and pancit cantoon (noodles). How can I get to my target weight in 3 weeks? Lately, I weighed myself and glad to know I am now 103 lbs (morning before food) but if I am full my weigh increases to 105 lbs. My plan is to cutting down my unhealthy snacking in between meals. But seems to be that my appetite is stronger these days that I can't help but eat. Oh well, I'll just need to exercise more. Today, I beg hubby to get Kath's bike in my in-law's garage so I could use it tomorrow afternoon cycling all the way to the park and forth. Huh, I am determine now but in the morning I'll be tempted to have a full breakfast again.

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