Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Blackheads treatment

Aside from losing weight I also fight against blackheads. About few years ago when I started using a stronger blackheads treatment and yes it works but the problem was, it keeps me out from the sun. I have to hide from the sun all the time or I'll get my face damage. So, only used it for a year just to get rid of my spot scarce and blackheads. So, I wonder if I could find a milder one that helps me remove blackheads but still I can enjoy outdoors. You know what I mean? To be honest, I was using a whitening cream before and that was the problem because I have to keep myself in the shade. So, I decided to just stop using it and used a normal facial wash and cream but I noticed my blackheads ain't fading. A milder blackhead treatment would be great.
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