Saturday, 10 July 2010

Arundel + Amberley Road trip

One of the reason why I love driving down to my PIL's place is its phenomenal countryside view that I'm so in love with. Its a perfect place to unwind because it has this phenomenal countryside view along the way. Plus, when you get to the city you won't get squash by strangers walking along the high street as it is not so crowded. It's only a very small but charming city with varieties of shops, restaurants, boutique, antique shops and many others. Also, it has one of the most well known castle in Britain. Few photos I took during that day ( 20th June 2010 - Father's day outing) at Arundel City. Castle and Cathedral looks beautiful from a far but its even more beautiful up close. I'm lucky that my parents in-law just live so close so every time we visit the city we can always drop by at their place for a rest.

Arundel City & its castleAmberley cliffArundel - heading to Lido_MG_5981Amberley drivethe favourite spot of mineArundel Cathedral

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