Sunday, 14 February 2010

@ 5 days Old

8th February 2010 (Monday) - We had our first Midwife's visit here at our home. She came to visit and check our newborn. Again everything's fine and in fact our newborn had gain weight from 7.15lbs (exact weight from birth) to now 8.3 lbs which is quite a lot. Well, they tend to lose weight a week after birth especially those who are breastfeed but to our case - were doing more than fine and gained weight. Glad to hear it all and of course we are so thankful. Also William had his newborn check-up on the 5th of February (Friday - 9:30am @ East Surrey) which you can see the link from here...

Anyway, I have posted a picture of my 2 kids having a good time bonding each other. Just simply click this Bonding time with Ate Kk and it should lead you to it.


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irel said...

Handsome baby boy you have there dame. btw, I have a <a href=">Tag</a> for you.