Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A trip to Paradise (Leeds Castle)

Leeds Castle

This castle is just way too beautiful and the massive land was just amazingly neat and well taken care of. I can't get enough of this place and even planned to go back there next month to celebrate hubby's 44th birthday. It'll be the Jousting tournament too so hopefully (crossing finger here) it'll be a sunny day.

Here's some of our early photos before we even explore the entire castle. We find these flowers beautiful and so we decided to have a shot with it but of course it wouldn't be believable if we are not in the picture.......[smile]! Click here for more photos.....

IMG_8473 IMG_8586IMG_8467 IMG_8561 IMG_8461 IMG_8460 IMG_8442 IMG_8458

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

D' 13th and 14th of April

April 13th (Monday) - I was at work when Mother rang hubby and made him come over to her place to take a picture of her property to put up on the market. They are going to move down South Coast where nearby the sea. They saw a house that they really like and so they finally decided to sell their 5 bedroom house and buy a bigger one to retire. So, this is one of the picture that hubby took yesterday. It'll be for sell sooner and it would be up for £875,000.00. It could have been more than that if the house market didn't fall apart. But the one they are looking also come down in price from over a million down to £900K plus. So, it's only fair enough!

503 yrs old house

April 14th (Tuesday) - We just stayed at home while hubby's at work and while sitting in my PC my were were also watching television and find them so cute and sweet cuddling each other so quietly and so I grabbed my camera and took a snapped.

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday @ FIL's place

My previous post (if you did read it) was about our Easter Saturday @ MIL's place and today I'll talk about our Easter Sunday @ FIL's place. My husband's parents are divorced many years ago but has no other kids apart from hubby and his siblings. They are very close just like any Filipino family that every ocassion they'll celebrate it together especially Easter and Christmas as well as birthdays. We usually split our days between MIL and FIL that is why Easter Saturday was with MIL and today (Easter Sunday) we were @ FIL's house. It's a great day and we started by attending a church service around 11 ish until 12 noon. It's a perfect time for a family sunday mass and FIL's was surprised that this time we are actually bang on time. And to make the story short, we had our Easter egg hunt before our Lunch and had a walk on the park after. I had a great time photographing in-law's flowers especially tulips. I can't seem to get enough of it. But of course my kids are always my favourite subject. So, here's a shot for shares......

Note: You can view more @ our Easter Sunday pics here......enjoy!

IMG_8143 The beauty of in-law's yard@ FIL's gardenIMG_8120

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Saturday Dinner with in-laws

Our Saturday was well spent with in-laws and the kids was having a great time with Grandad and Granny. We had bbq for dinner but had champaigne and smoked salmon
for the starter. We had boiled egg with Mayo and pepper with our main dish and a salad of course. This is our my mother in-law fixed our Easter Saturday dinner. It was delicious!


Bbq on Black Saturday

Boiled egg with Mayo and Pepper

Salad to go with our Barbecue" />
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Friday, 10 April 2009

Bank Holiday shift overtime....

April 10th 2009 (Friday) - It's bank holiday (Good Friday) but I'm working and hubby wasn't so, he was the babysitter of the day. I work long hours and after my shift I thought I deserved a little treat. So, here's my new etsy.....saw them in the store and lovin' it.
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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Malling with Kids

Kath is officially in school holiday until the 20th of this month. So, today apart from being lazy at home, I decided to go out and took the kids to the mall. I can't drive so, it's a bit harder for me to go somewhere else. The only place I can go is mall and the nearby shops in the town or go to the park. We took a bus and gladly my son was so well behaved. It's my first time to commute with the kids in tow. The funny thing was, my son keep asking me why the bus got no seat belt and even I explained again and again he still didn't understand. He is also very noisy and it makes me worry that other passengers might find him loud and annoying so I keep asking him to be quite. He said, he likes to be loud and he get excited while staring at the bus window looking out the view.

Anyway, we get to the mall and the first thing we did was grab some bite to eat at the food court. We had some pasta because it's what my kids picked. Then went to Debenhams and got our Easter outfits. They have 20% mid season sale so I certainly save a bit. My son got bored after he got what wanted (his new transformer) and demanded to go home. Once he is in bored mood I can't really do anything about it or he'll scream. Daddy is not around to control his temper so, we headed home soon after we got their bunnies chocs. It is their first Easter treat aside from their Easter baskets of course.

HAppy Easter all!April9_09002 Kath's Easter bunny choc'sPAD entry #92

Little guy's new Transformer - yet again!


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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

April 6,7 & 8 (Updates)

April 8th (Wednesday) - Today I went out for a bit just to buy few things for my balikbayan box. It is very full already so I re-organised few things up to have space for the rest of the stuff. I even decided to send this D&G men fragrance for my brother. Got few perfumes for the girls as well. It's going to be another exciting packages for my family back in pinas.

PAD entry #91

April 7th (Tuesday) - We just stayed at home Kath is still on her school holiday and hopefully we can do something fun before she go back school. It's a day well spent at home with delicious meals and came the night with our tasty pudding (Banana Split)....can't go wrong with it.

PAD entry #90

April 6th '09 (Monday) - Not much going on here in our end. I went off to work and came back having dinner with my kids and husband. Kath decided to wear her crown while eating her dinner. It's been a while since she got hold of it.

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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Walk in the woods!

What else you would do with this beautiful kind of weather? Walking in the woods is the perfect thing so, the family all went for a walk after the big lunch. We shopped a bit before heading to this place though, just so you know why I'm so dressed up. It was the most relaxing day ever! Then we went to MIL's house for dinner after our sunday afternoon walked!

IMG_7799 IMG_7824IMG_7821Hubby's priceless treasures, hehehe!IMG_7796 IMG_7795 Looking up for Gorilla?

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Just a Silly Arguments

Just a little recap: Me and hubby had a little misunderstanding on Friday night. I went to bed without talking to him, not even a goodnight kiss and etc. He stayed up so late because he was not sure if he's allowed to come in our room to sleep. Come's Saturday morning, I woke up quite early and change my boy's nappy then gave them breakfast after. Hubby? Still not joining because I didn't asked him anyway. He can served himself - is what I thought! After breakfast I put on the rice cooker and then continued my ironing. About 1pm I decided to make some sausage casserole for lunch and exactly 2pm when its totally cooked and ready to be serve. My temper was not too bad and I told my kids to call their Daddy to join us for lunch. He came in the kitchen and tried to gave me a hug but I refused. Only in the middle of our lunch when he realised that I only waited for his apology. He said sorry and I forgave him. It was just this silly little thing you know. If only he transferred my software to my new laptop it wouldn't have been a fight, lol. Isn't it too silly to argue about software? Anyway, we made up eventually and he went out about 6pm and got us this delicious Chinese take-away for our dinner. It was a good night and we we're able to watched space dogs in the end.
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Friday, 3 April 2009

Life in reality...

PAD entry #86

Ironing! Yes, I do some ironing usually every friday morning before going off to work. I just thought that it would be nice to finish my chores, so comes weekend I can be all relax and spend quality time bonding with my family. It's a hell lot of work but what can I do? I don't want my kids to look untidy and what more, hubby's work shirt definitely needs some ironing. I'm afraid this is the life of married woman, if not going to work you stay at home look after your kids and your husband unless you can afford to pay a maid. In our situation, we can afford if we want to but we will surely struggle's a bit, lol. So, instead of spending money to get a helper I should just do it myself. I can do it anytime I want anyway - be it today, tomorrow, the next day or the next year - there is no problem with my better half. He is not expecting me to work hard. I know lots of people do pretend about their lifestyle and do live in a dream and ignored what's the real world behind them. I am ambitious too, and I do like to dream but also I accept the fact of life and what is given to me by the "Highest" I totally accept it without shame. I can say I am blessed with one woman man, who is there for me through good times and bad - who loves me yesterday, today and tomorrow! We are not rich but we certainly have more than enough to survive and enjoy a happy life together - we live in reality and that's a fact!

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

The kids Picnic

It's a nice weather today though a little chilly. The kids wanted to have a picnic outside soon as we got home from school. I also thought it would be a nice thing to do since the sun was still brightly shining. They laid their picnic outside at the same time playing around picking daisy's. Here's some pictures I took.
umbrellaPicnic_002PAD entry #85Apple

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