Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Scrapping Mode tonight!

It's tuesday and my boy is not at school until thursday so me and him had a quite day at home. I didn't do anything much of my daily task because I felt lazy today. After watching my teleserye I decided to scrap and here's my layouts tonight. I didn't do many layouts last year so I tried to make it up this year and used the last year's photos fo my kids. I wanted to print them as soon as possible. In simple short term, I want a photobook of it for keepsake. I have planned it last year and didn't actually finish all the layouts I wanted so I tried again this year, lol. I am hoping that in the next couple of months I'll be able to order some prints of it. I hope 800 x 800 will be alright. I just had a thought that it might be a little smaller than I wanted. I'll have to see later........

Beautiful MomentYou_are_my_beautiful_girlI am so thankful

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Monday, 30 March 2009

Bunny Baskets

Monday is the day I go to work and I'm afraid it's this time again where I had to leave the kids with babysitter for 5 hours. Btw, Easter is fast approaching and yet I have no goodies for the kids except this bunny baskets. I think I have to do my Easter shopping in couple days time maybe tomorrow or the next day or even this Friday. Also, I'll try to buy some Easter outfits too for the kids pictorial. I can certainly do that this weekend and ooh, here's a couple pic of my kids bunny baskets.

PAD entry #82Shopping_0309011

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Sunday, 29 March 2009

I worked Today!

Not much exciting for me today apart from dealing with customers. I didn't realised until yesterday that I have an overtime today so, I had to live with it, hehehe. The kids and hubby went to my in-laws right after dropping me. The kids love being at Granny and Grandad's house because of their huge garden that they can run around. The weather was not bad but it was not great either. I didn't finish at work until half passed four as I had to extend 15 minutes because I was a little late to start. Anyway, after my work I went straight at home because all I want was to rest and relax. It was nice to be just chillin' at home with hubby and the kids. Not very excited Sunday but it was OK. I managed to take a photo of my boy while he is on his potty doing Poop, lol. It was my PAD entry of the day 81. [LOL]

PAD entry #81

PS. British Clock forward today!

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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saturday Shopping Galore

Next had it's mid season sale and mostly are half-price or even less. I dragged hubby there on Saturday afternoon and we managed to spend quite a lot for just buying clothes for the kids mostly for our beautiful princess. I had a great time looking around the sale range and it was definitely fun. Hubby managed to picked some for the boy and I helped my daughter too. She was eyeing for non-sale items and I told her we will go back there once it's sale again, lol. Well, we bought her 2 pair of shoes that are non-sale items because it's what she likes. Little guy also has a mind of his own because he picked his own shoes. It really made us laughed!

Anyway, here's the new stuff we bought today............just taking photos for keepsake and for my pic-a-day entries.

One of my fave storeAnd her first pickPAD entry # 80Mostly for KathSize 18? Double XL?Lil guy's new shoeslittle girl's new gladiator sandal

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Kath's first Major Accident

We couldn't believed what had happen tonight but as we call it accident lang gyud. My Kath was stirring the boiling pasta because I allowed her so and accidentally her jimjam/jammies caught a fire. The lucky thing was, she ran to us for help straight away. If she didn't it could have been worst. I blamed myself with this incident. I was really tearful and was praying before we took Kath to the hospital that everything will be alright. I was really shaking the whole night even after the Doctor said that she is OK. They took care of her wounded thighs by applying loads of vaseline cream and by dosing her paracetamol (calpol) to prevent her from pain. The wounds should heal quickly as it is only in the very top layer of the skin. However, the health visitor will pay us a visit sometime soon just to check what had happen. So, looking forward to it. Anyway, Kath will not be able to go to school tomorrow as Doctor's request because she has to rest her wounds until its heal. And btw, she was given this comfy teddy by her Doctor. I'm really very thankful that my girl is now safe and OK.
The big bandage!The End of Jimjam/jammiesComfort Ted: Reward!

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Thursday, 26 March 2009

A star in a sulky mood

Thursday is another fun day for me. My kids were both at school and hubby's at work. My girl made me proud yesterday and honestly, they always made me proud day after day. I can't helped but admires my very own flesh. And who wouldn't? If you scroll down below you can read my entry about my smart daughter. And today, it is my son who made me extra proud because he was such a good boy at his school and in fact was a little star. Every time I picked him up the teacher always tells me how my son is doing. Today, my son didn't cry at all. He was enjoying playing with his mates and he did some painting, drawing and writing verticals. Last thursday, he made me this very touching mother's day card. It was way too precious and priceless. It made me smile all the way home. He was very proud of it too. Today, he was a little star and the teachers enjoyed having him at their class. Before we head off home, he even gave a big hug and kiss to his teacher ;).

Anyway, this is what he wears at school. They just pre-school and they can just wear anything. They haven't got any uniform aside from their P.E. lessons. He decided to wear his brand new hat today and it did made him sulked after I commented of how he looks like. It was purely a joke when I said he looks a bit girly and he just went sulked for minutes. He might be a star but his temper is unbelievable. Nevertheless, he made us very proud!

PAD entry # 78His new hat!

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Another Excellent Award

PAD entry #77

Today, I am proud of my daughter for gaining this excellent sticker from her teacher. That's because she was able to understand and explained what was colloids is all about. It made me proud to think for such a young age and already knows some big words. She was proudly narrated to me how impressed her teachers. She was praised all day. I can definitely say, that I have a smart little girl here.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Little Guy's first helmet

Granny had kindly offered to look after the kids yesterday. My daughter was at school and they had couple of hours before they'll pick her up. So, instead of going back to the house they (granny and little guy) went shopping to buy him a helmet. It's his late birthday present from Granny as she was not able to buy him a birthday present on time. Also, she decided to better think of what the little guy would need the most. So, helmet was his choiced! In the shop, he had his head measured to find him the best helmet that will fit him properly. And he picked a red helmet as it matches to his red shirt he was wearing. So, here's a few pictures I took when I came home from work. His first ever helmet. Doesn't he look so cool and sporty?

PAD entry #75 March09119 March09114

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Monday, 23 March 2009

Wonderful Mother's Day

Wakehurst Place

It's mother's day yesterday and this is where we spent it (Wakehurst Place). Its a beautiful place with truly wonderful gardens and lakes. But for some reasons, I been there twice and yet I didn't able to stroll the entire place. By our next visit I will make sure to go stroll first to the spots where I haven't been to. It's a huge place with massive gardens. There are many different kinds and beautiful flowers there and that certainly something to attracts visitors who are nature lovers. Now, that we paid to become a National trust members, we can go back there as many times as we like.

It's beautiful here!

Here's our mother's day pictorial.....taken at Wakehurst place....It was such a great day for us all.
PAD entry #74mothersday09260mothersday09043

And of course, a Mother's day without present won't be a perfect celebration, lol. [Kidding] This is just a little something from hubby on Mother's day. A new toy for my special hobby. I been wanting an IS lens for quite sometimes and this is the day. Many thanks to the hubby/labs.....
My IS lens

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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Emerge Labs OrganicSkinCare.com

For a year I have switched on and off to different skin care products and none of them works well for my skin. I just wanted a simple, inexpensive yet effective skincare to look after my skin. So, I kinda searching for one that is suitable for my skin and that will give me the result that I wanted. It's quite frustrating when you spend money but you don't get the result you expect to be. So, I am keen to try this new Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care. I am a huge fan of organic product because it has no chemical addition. It is somewhat not so different from a natural skin remedy. So, it should give what my skin needs such as maintaining a good fine skin smooth skin without wrinkles. I can't wait to prevent my lines that is so visible lately especially around my eyes.

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Friday, 20 March 2009

Spring Flowers

Spring is definitely here! Just few weeks ago I have been out photographing different kinds of spring flowers and here's some proof Spring Beauty/Spring Flowers and I also attached few pics here below....hope you enjoy it! Happy Spring!


snowdropsLove this flower

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My Kids enjoying their Coffee's

It's been a week of miracle as we have sunshine and I must admit it does made my day more brighter and inspired when the sun is out all I want is go outside and enjoy every minute of it. So, another weekend came and the entire family went for a day trip to Arundel city. It was a beautiful exciting day for us though we ended up strolling around the city of Arundel as the Castle was closed for season. We had our lunch at Pizza Express. I had my seafood Pizza and the kids had their fave dish plus their meal comes with coffee. A Bambachino, a kids delicious coffee that is made out of milk and Mocha-toffee. The kids certainly had fun drinking it and wanted some more but unfortunately you have to order another meal before you can avail one. But we thought 1 small cup is enough for them. Here's some picture below........

Kids puchinoSip

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Last Look of the Curls?

My son had his hair cut done and this time hubby did cut it really short. Does it mean that his curls will be gone forever? I hope not...........here's couple of pics before we made the decision.

PAD entry #62

PAD entry #62

Anyway, I know it'll be raining most of our spring days so I kind play safe and bougt my son a new pair of wellington boots just in case his teacher decided to keep his old one at school. We got him a snake this time........and of course green colour to go with the spring, lol.

PAD entry #61

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