Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Education Plan Ahead

Hubby and I been talking seriously about our kids future education. At the moment they are in the state school as we are saving money to send them to private school at the age of 11. Our eldest just turn 8 yrs old so we have about 4 yrs to prepare for it. We are planning to send them to Reigate Grammar and that alone cost us furtune but we are willing to sacrifice some other things as we prioritise their education. It is important for us to give them the best education there is. Our daughter's schools since she was 3 was quite good but it wasn't totally free as we are paying some tuitions but now at her current school (Junior school) it is a state school which we thought is quite Okay as well. So, she has about 3 and a half years to go before we send her to private school. When that time comes I might consider taking a full time job to help hubby a bit but hopefully he'll get some payrise by then as promise but of course he have to take a higher rule in their company which involve travelling quite often. I hope I could get my Mother over for 6 months to accompany me here. Ah, this plan alone is quite exciting and plus we are moving house and that would be next year after I give birth. We just need an extra room for my Mother when she come. Hope our plan works - of course in God's good hand!

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