Friday, 30 October 2009

Car Upgrade Plan

We just got our car back couple days ago and now its looking so immaculate. Hubby is pondering whether he'll sell it straight away and buy a new one. We really love our current car but we must upgrade it to a newer model as it is what hubby's company rule. We could probably get a better value for it now rather later but its really up to us whether we are willing to give it up. Or, we could buy a small one for hubby's everyday use and keep our current one as a family car.

Anyway, having mentioned about buying cars, I just suddenly remember that my in-laws are about to buy their 4th car. Because, they are currently fixing one of their old ones and I've heard that it is in need of wheel hub bearing. I should tell them to get it at as they also looking not only one car parts but few. In that way, they could avail the free shipping because I bet it would cost them more than $50 dollars to buy it all. Well, I'll mention it soon as they're back from holiday. Its nice to share something useful, isn't it?

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