Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Can't be more Proud:)

PAD entry # 276

I was deadly tired after a long day of work and when I arrived home this is what I get from my daughter - surely a beautiful reward that simply makes me so proud. I can't ask for more and I'm so content and grateful of how she improved this year. She has always been a bright girl and we knew that she'll do well in school. She got compliments by her previous teachers on how attentive and smart she is when it comes to sharing ideas, artworks, problem solving and etc. She definitely made us very proud, no doubt! Anyway, this is her first Head teacher's award for this school year and I hope she'll get more, hehe. I'm one proud Mama for having such a smart daughter. So, as promised, Daddy will buy her some treat this weekend. I think its going to be a Father & Daughter shopping/outing moments in few days time and she'll sure deserve whatever she gets. Congrats babygirl!

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