Friday, 30 October 2009

October Layouts

I have been trying to do some layouts at least once every month. So, this October I have made a couple but hopefully I can make some more tonight.

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Car Upgrade Plan

We just got our car back couple days ago and now its looking so immaculate. Hubby is pondering whether he'll sell it straight away and buy a new one. We really love our current car but we must upgrade it to a newer model as it is what hubby's company rule. We could probably get a better value for it now rather later but its really up to us whether we are willing to give it up. Or, we could buy a small one for hubby's everyday use and keep our current one as a family car.

Anyway, having mentioned about buying cars, I just suddenly remember that my in-laws are about to buy their 4th car. Because, they are currently fixing one of their old ones and I've heard that it is in need of wheel hub bearing. I should tell them to get it at as they also looking not only one car parts but few. In that way, they could avail the free shipping because I bet it would cost them more than $50 dollars to buy it all. Well, I'll mention it soon as they're back from holiday. Its nice to share something useful, isn't it?

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A week off Plan

It's been a great day for us today plus the weather was really nice with lots of sunshine. So, this afternoon we went and see Great Granny at MIL's place and had our tea and cake. I had fun taking photos with my daughter's sunflower that she planted months ago with their Granny and now its already flowering beautifully. I also took some photos of her at the back of the barn and was asking the little fella to join in but all I get is a NO answer and run towards back to his Daddy.

Anyway, we have all this week as holiday and we didn't plan of going anywhere because I am not up to it. My bump is huge and I felt really heavy and hard to move around so going for holiday is not a great idea. We shall wait until the next summer for that plan. So, we just plan for some day outing instead. Like tomorrow, hubby offered to take us shopping in Wimbledon while at the same time giving Great granny a lift back to Auntie Susie's place. Then, by the afternoon we will go to China Store to do some grocery shopping for our daughter's incoming b-day party. On thursday, we might just stay in the house to do some de-cluttering our unused stuff and put it away in the garage until we move to a bigger house. Friday - we hope to do more of sorting our stuff out then maybe by the afternoon we'll take the kids to Cinema then have dinner somewhere afterwards. By Saturday, we will go to this Halloween fireworks display where the kids got to wear thier costume and enjoy the night. It's kinda exciting! Unfortunately on Sunday I'll be back to work again as well as Monday bu then I got my 3 days off after.

Btw, I'll end this entry by sharing a couple of pictures I took from the back of the barn and my model is no other than my beautiful little Princess.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Can't be more Proud:)

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I was deadly tired after a long day of work and when I arrived home this is what I get from my daughter - surely a beautiful reward that simply makes me so proud. I can't ask for more and I'm so content and grateful of how she improved this year. She has always been a bright girl and we knew that she'll do well in school. She got compliments by her previous teachers on how attentive and smart she is when it comes to sharing ideas, artworks, problem solving and etc. She definitely made us very proud, no doubt! Anyway, this is her first Head teacher's award for this school year and I hope she'll get more, hehe. I'm one proud Mama for having such a smart daughter. So, as promised, Daddy will buy her some treat this weekend. I think its going to be a Father & Daughter shopping/outing moments in few days time and she'll sure deserve whatever she gets. Congrats babygirl!

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

My Preemie baby is turning 8!

is my eldest Keekee. She is only 28 weeks when she came out in this world. She was so tiny but according to the Doctor she is a good size preemie baby. Anyway, it seems it was only yesterday when I had my constraction and about to deliver her and now look how grown up this premature baby of mine? Time flies for sure! She'll soon celebrates her 8th birthday and I am just grateful of how normal and yet intelligent she turn out. God is good! Giving me this beautiful and smart daughter whom I couldn't swap for anything in this world. My first born, my precious, my princess! Our one and only and will always be a special baby girl in our life. Daddy and Mummy are so proud of her especially in her school report cards year after year. She must have been inherited that intelligence from us (her parents), lol. [Kidding]! She is just gifted, talented and yet beautiful and kind. The nicest little girl in the school for sure. Proud to be her parent - must be run in the blood! Yay, lovin' my own, eh? Who wouldn't?

A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. - - -- Laurel AthertonDaughter are angles sent from above to fill our heart with unending love.--J. Lee

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Feeling Jumbo

I'm beginning to feel heavier and each day I'm piling on the pounds. I keep stuffing myself more on sweets though sometimes I mixed it up with a bowl of fruits. I'm also very energetic compare to my previous pregnancies. I do a lot of household chores day after day at the same time sending and picking my kids to school. No wonder my legs are getting swollen a bit because I kept standing too long. My baby [Wellie Billy] is also moving a lot more these days - it's amazing. My bedtime routine is now change from midnight to 8 or 9pm. So, I have more energy all day doing my responsibility as a mother and wife. I'm still working too and not long from now I should start my Maternity leave. Ah, 22 weeks is just like a flash and now I'm barely halfway to my due date - I can't wait!

Anyway, had my scan last week and found out we're having another boy. It's a great blessing and everyone are happy for us. So here's the ultrasound pictures I'm proudly sharing.......

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