Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Look who's here?

none other than my big grown up boy ........

PAD entry #235

It's my son! He is new obsession is collecting transformer figures and stuff. Wherever we go shopping once he'll see anything that has transformer in it, he sure would not leave the store with an empty hand. He is so obsessed about this stuff. Doctor who, now come second, lol. It used to be his no.1 fave but not anymore now that transformer has been discovered. Anyway, he is a big boy and so grown up. Already in Nursery 2 and not so sure whether he enjoys it or not. Next Semptember he'll be in Reception and I can't wait. I think he'll be more happier with big school. Ah, I'm just too proud of him. He's definitely grown so much months after months.

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1 comment:

FRANCINE said...

gwapa, dako na kaayo imoha ulitaw. puhon mag gf gf nani hehehe.

musta naman ka? sus gitapol jud ko picture2 ug post sa flickr. ana jud guro basta buntis. kaw unsa imo cravings? baby boy jud ako eldesnt