Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Getting Closer and More busier

I'm talking about loads of things here, not just one. First, my daughter's 8th birthday is drawing so near. It's barely 2 months and yet I have not organise any party. She had a big 7th birthday blowout last year with friends in our house. And boy, how tiring it was! It made us all exhausted but she was all worth it. The joy and happiness on her face was truly a picture. This year we only plan for a small celebration and just invites few of her friends and take them to watch kids movie then dine in at Pizza or anywhere we could find and hire a place for. Then maybe a little celebration at home too with our close friends.

Moving along, second occasion is Christmas. It is what all of us are waiting for and wondering what could this christmas bring to us. Then it's new Year 2010! The most awaited occasion on earth. Then, it'll be my 28th birthday. Hmmmm, I wonder what could be the best gift for myself. I'll worry about it later. The next event would be my Son's 4th birthday. He wanted a transformer theme. We'll see what we can do. Then come February, another big day to celebrate is my 3rd child's birth. Oh my, that would be another wonderful blessings in our life. I really can't wait. Yeah, its now getting closer to the most exciting occasions and what more could I wait for?

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