Thursday, 3 September 2009

Christmas Cards

It's barely 4 months from now and it'll be christmas. Have you made your list yet? Me, I just started and one of my top list is a new lens or an upgrade of my 2 yrs old DLSR. I'm really not sure whether Santa could afford such list. It's kinda expensive though but I shall see as I know Santa likes to surprise me. In the other hand, I am busy thinking of what greetings cards I am going to send away this year. Last year, I so wanted a personalised christmas cards but wasn't able to make it because I was a bit late to think of getting one so I just bought some pre-pack ones. All it matters is the thoughts and love you've sent. But it would be also trendy to have a personalised holiday greeting cards and to make it a bit different from previous christmas. So, I'll better plan ahead or I won't make it again.

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