Saturday, 12 September 2009

The 18 weeks onward....WOW!!!

PAD entry # 245

My gosh, I dont know how many times I have to say this again and again about how amazing it is to feel the fetus inside my womb moving. Week 18 is the time when I felt my baby move a lot. I felt a lot of movements and it's totally amazing. It's not actually the first time I felt my baby move but its a lot more this week and I know its not just indigestion or my dodgy cooking - it had to be my little precious inside wriggling and wiggling all night. Oh, I so love it - its just like a little secret that only me and little precious know about and its so reassuring not to have to wait to hear the heartbeat at my antenatal appointment to know everythings OK. I'm a loads bigger and I eat more than I intend to but at the same time I am happy of my sized - nothing more I could ask. Me and hubby and the kids are very excited for my next scan and that would be in 2 weeks time.

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