Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Look who's here?

none other than my big grown up boy ........

PAD entry #235

It's my son! He is new obsession is collecting transformer figures and stuff. Wherever we go shopping once he'll see anything that has transformer in it, he sure would not leave the store with an empty hand. He is so obsessed about this stuff. Doctor who, now come second, lol. It used to be his no.1 fave but not anymore now that transformer has been discovered. Anyway, he is a big boy and so grown up. Already in Nursery 2 and not so sure whether he enjoys it or not. Next Semptember he'll be in Reception and I can't wait. I think he'll be more happier with big school. Ah, I'm just too proud of him. He's definitely grown so much months after months.

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What I am up to?

Not much to be honest. It's my days off work but still had to get up early every morning to take the kids to school and pick them up as well. But at least I have no pressure to rush myself afterwards. Anyway, it's half-way to weekend and everyone are quite excited and of course me too because its the only time we can spend with our love ones. We don't have any further plan this weekend though so let's the weather decide. As of the moment it's 12 degrees, really cold plus a sprinkle of rain. We might just stay at home this weekend and watch football. Not sure if Chelsea are doing well this season. Some people look at their football picks but we really don't mind.

Anyway, before I end I just wanna share my latest scrapping that I just made last night.......

My lil angel
My lil starOur lil Princess

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Saturday, 12 September 2009

The 18 weeks onward....WOW!!!

PAD entry # 245

My gosh, I dont know how many times I have to say this again and again about how amazing it is to feel the fetus inside my womb moving. Week 18 is the time when I felt my baby move a lot. I felt a lot of movements and it's totally amazing. It's not actually the first time I felt my baby move but its a lot more this week and I know its not just indigestion or my dodgy cooking - it had to be my little precious inside wriggling and wiggling all night. Oh, I so love it - its just like a little secret that only me and little precious know about and its so reassuring not to have to wait to hear the heartbeat at my antenatal appointment to know everythings OK. I'm a loads bigger and I eat more than I intend to but at the same time I am happy of my sized - nothing more I could ask. Me and hubby and the kids are very excited for my next scan and that would be in 2 weeks time.

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Watch Straps

PAD entry #170

Hubby 10 yrs old watch is in need of a new Watch Straps, but I haven't found anything durable to replace it. Hubby has been looking everywhere as well and he's just too picky to choose one. So, I think this could be an idea for his christmas present or who knows maybe suggest it to Santa for his stockings. He loves this watch that he refused to buy a new one. I think he likes the simplicity in it and of course it has already been attached to him emotionally - in short it has a sentimental value on him so he choose not to replace it. I guess it has to stay and all we need to is to buy a watch straps for it. I'll better look around @ now.

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Stretch Mark Free

I am aware my size this time of my pregnancy. I noticed that I grew big earlier and that it worries me of getting stretch marks. When I was pregnant with my daughter I have no marks even single one. My body was as firm and seems untouch after giving birth. I went back to my normal weight as quick as 1,2,3. I know it has something to do with giving birth prematurely. She was only 28 weeks so I had not a chance to grow into full terms. Unlike with my son I was so huge. I gained about 50lbs and was stretching everywhere however with the used of this special cream (pregnacare) it reduced the marks and only had few below my belly button because every night and day I covered my body with this cream and it helped. So, I hope this time it'll work again because I don't really want anymore stretchmarks though I doubt it for I am way too big this time. Who knows?
PAD entry #243

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Still Looking for the Right one

Been searching everywhere and couldn't decide which one to go for. I have been looking for quite sometime but still haven't found the right one. Some friends been suggesting me a few to try on but I really don't want to spend money on something I am not sure about. Just today I found a very interesting website that have listed all the trusted web hosting plans. They sounds very promising and sure have a lot to offer. Yeah, its the and nothing more. You can visit this link for more info and I'll sure know you'll find the right one that you have been looking for. No doubt, I'll purchased one too. But for the meantime, I have to see their top listed web hosting sites for more and wider choices. Web hosting choice is the only place to find the perfect hosting sites. So, I'll stick to it.

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It's a Failure

I put all my effort to make the pandesal I craved for but to my dismay it didn't turn out as tasty I want it to be. I had the recipe copied from online however, I failed in measuring the ingredients properly. Plus, I had not used the proper flour so it tasted a bit grainy. It looks alright but it didn't taste good. I think I have to try again and hoping to success. Here's the picture of my bad version pandesal.

PAD entry # 244

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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Christmas Cards

It's barely 4 months from now and it'll be christmas. Have you made your list yet? Me, I just started and one of my top list is a new lens or an upgrade of my 2 yrs old DLSR. I'm really not sure whether Santa could afford such list. It's kinda expensive though but I shall see as I know Santa likes to surprise me. In the other hand, I am busy thinking of what greetings cards I am going to send away this year. Last year, I so wanted a personalised christmas cards but wasn't able to make it because I was a bit late to think of getting one so I just bought some pre-pack ones. All it matters is the thoughts and love you've sent. But it would be also trendy to have a personalised holiday greeting cards and to make it a bit different from previous christmas. So, I'll better plan ahead or I won't make it again.

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My Kids are now officially back-to-school

It was the 2nd of Sept 2009 (Wednesday at 10am) when my eldest went back to school. She is at her new school and it is called Juniors. She goes there up to Age 11 then move on to Middle School. They are the youngest in their school Year-3 age 7 (soon she'll be 8). She looks very smart on her school uniform. Will surely share some pictures a bit later.

Anyway, my son offically back to-school today and was as excited as the big sister but when he was dropped off by Daddy he suddenly went pathetic, lol. So, now I am on my way to pick him up as he is only doing 2 and a half hours everyday. I shall share his first day at school picture later as well.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Contact me

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Custom Shirts are cool:)

I have been wanting some custom shirts where I can choose and out my own message and designs. I had a custom shirt once and that was when me and hubby used to travel around Philippines. I tend to get a custome t-shirts every place I went but only manage to kept one at it is still in my closet now. I wanted some new ones but couldn't find a place to do it. So, right now I just stumble upon this site that do any custom t-shirts. So, I'll better check it out. This could be an exciting night for me checking stuff for myself, lol.

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Getting Closer and More busier

I'm talking about loads of things here, not just one. First, my daughter's 8th birthday is drawing so near. It's barely 2 months and yet I have not organise any party. She had a big 7th birthday blowout last year with friends in our house. And boy, how tiring it was! It made us all exhausted but she was all worth it. The joy and happiness on her face was truly a picture. This year we only plan for a small celebration and just invites few of her friends and take them to watch kids movie then dine in at Pizza or anywhere we could find and hire a place for. Then maybe a little celebration at home too with our close friends.

Moving along, second occasion is Christmas. It is what all of us are waiting for and wondering what could this christmas bring to us. Then it's new Year 2010! The most awaited occasion on earth. Then, it'll be my 28th birthday. Hmmmm, I wonder what could be the best gift for myself. I'll worry about it later. The next event would be my Son's 4th birthday. He wanted a transformer theme. We'll see what we can do. Then come February, another big day to celebrate is my 3rd child's birth. Oh my, that would be another wonderful blessings in our life. I really can't wait. Yeah, its now getting closer to the most exciting occasions and what more could I wait for?

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As you may know I've got several blogs and I am thinking of keeping them all together in one hosting site. The thing is, they are in separate account which makes it hard for me to do updates as I have to log in and out in each account. It is very annoying and I thought its about time to have my own hosting plan that can host all of my blogs together. So now, I am on the look out of good hosting site with few consideration to remember such as low price, unlimited space and of course it must be good and trusted web hosting. I am careful of choosing one as I know there are loads of cons out there. But I sure convince about as they listed all the top listed web hosting site online. I'll find it out and double check its price comparison.

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