Friday, 14 August 2009

Exactly 15 Weeks today:)

Ah, I have been away from blogging for couple of weeks because we went for our short summer break somewhere in the West. I have too many things to say but I can do it for just one entry so, for now I'll just tell you all about my 3rd pregnancy and how excited we are to have another baby added to our small and happy family. If you happen to visit my Photoalbum then you'll know where we went for our short trip this month. Anyways, today I am exactly in my 15 weeks it means another day closer, lol. Me and hubby had been planning for our 3rd baby and we know this year would be the great time and God agreed with us. It's very well planned because we wanted our kids to have 4 yrs age gap so it would not be so hard for us. Our eldest will turn 8 later this year and our son will turn 4 earler next year just a month before my due date. It's exactly what we want!

Anyway, moving along, my pregnancy this year is not so different from my previous ones. I felt exactly the same and had morning sickness, nausea, dizziness and tiredness. I feel exhausted if I can't rest with in the whole day. Also, I am eating quite a lot and is starting to get bigger. Compare to my previous prenancies, I am way bigger this time. I just hope I can minimised my food intake or perhaps eat more healthy food such as fruit and vegetables rather than rice and potato every 3 hours. Oh, I feel a little prettier and my face is smoother than before, hahaha. Uh, did I tell you that I have a very low blood pressure? It's only 90 over 49, very low, eh? The lowest BP I ever had.

Btw, I have my first scan last month the 30th of July and happy to say that we have one very likot baby. All of us were so amazed and excited! My 2nd OB appointment is very soon and my next ultrasound will be next month the 24th of Sept. We can't wait! Before I end up this update, let me thanks to those friends of mine online and offline who congratulated us. We thanked you all and yes we are happy! Word's can't explain! Here's our lil one's first picture.........sooo precious:)

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