Saturday, 22 August 2009

16 Weeks Today

My life has been taken by so many things both offline and online world. Been back working btw and everyone was happy to see me. Talked to my manager about my possible maternity leave and she said it shouldn't be a problem and promised that things will should go smoothly as it is. Of course, they were delighted about the news or were they? I think I am expecting too much from them, hahaha. Well, they were very nice to me so thats all it matters. Anyway, today I am in my 16 weeks (exactly 4 months) and no longer vomitting but still craving for so many food especially filipino food. Tummy are slightly getting bigger or I could say it is big now. I'm definitely bigger this time. My face is expanding too and getting more rough and haggard. So, the predictions are pretty much right. Boy as they say! Well we shall all find out next month and I can't wait. Honestly, it doesn't matter for me whether its a girl or boy as long as it is healthy and strong. Anyway, I will share some latest pic of me soon or if you pop by in my Photoalbun then you'll see the latest of me as I uploaded recent photos or our recent outings now and then. Anyway, next week I'll have my 2nd visit to the OB and I am excited to find out more news about my precious fetus inside me. Hay, really can't wait!

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