Wednesday, 15 July 2009

So Engrossed

OMG! Its' scary for me to know how my 3 years old son is into computer games these days. My god, I mean he can play real games on his own without even mummy and Daddy supervising him. How scary is that? My daughter didn't relly start playing games until she 4. We don't encouraged them to play or used computer in such a very young age but I guess nowadays it just happen. He now fight with her ATE (big sister) for turns. My gosh, I can't even set on my laptop that long anymore because they are both queuing to have a go. I already suggested to the husband of setting up my old lappy for them to used it instead of my latest one. I don't really want my new Laptop bash up like my previous one. Hubby said, he'll try to set up soon as he have time. Hay, what has technology done to my kids, eh?
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