Monday, 27 July 2009

My Grown up Babies

At 27 yrs old I have achieved quite a lot. Being a mother is one of the major achivement and I'm sure everyone will agree with me. Motherhood is a great fulfillment and sure a very rewarding job. I'm a proud Mama to these beautiful and healthy babies. They are my priceless treasures that I will keep in my heart forever. Everything I do is all for them. They serve as my inspiration in life apart from hubby of course, hehehe. I can't imagine life would be that colourful and exciting without them. I can truly say that I am wonderfully blessed and having said that, I am thankful to the "Highest" for giving me a chance to be the best possible mother I could. Its truly a womanhood completion, I am this grateful!

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Monday, 20 July 2009

Yes, I'm still Scrappin!

After all these years, my scrapping mojo still come and go! Haven't scrap for months and now here I am again. I just love looking out for new inspiration and to be honest there are loads but just that my computer time is so limited these days. So many things had to be prioritise and its school holidays so had to entertain the kids besides of my part-time job. Anyway, I can't wait to have some family time off to west country in the next week. Hopefully by then I can do some more layouts since internet connection will be limited. I'd rather have some time with my family though!
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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

So Engrossed

OMG! Its' scary for me to know how my 3 years old son is into computer games these days. My god, I mean he can play real games on his own without even mummy and Daddy supervising him. How scary is that? My daughter didn't relly start playing games until she 4. We don't encouraged them to play or used computer in such a very young age but I guess nowadays it just happen. He now fight with her ATE (big sister) for turns. My gosh, I can't even set on my laptop that long anymore because they are both queuing to have a go. I already suggested to the husband of setting up my old lappy for them to used it instead of my latest one. I don't really want my new Laptop bash up like my previous one. Hubby said, he'll try to set up soon as he have time. Hay, what has technology done to my kids, eh?
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Saturday, 11 July 2009

We are proud of our Princess

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I couldn't beleived when I saw my daughter's SAT's (School Assestment Test) result. This is the test given by the Government to check out all the schools weather the kids are learning anything. This is such a great proof and I'm glad my daughter is doing so well. Daddy and I couldn't be more proud. She is accademically bright and above all she is good in Math. This is how they do their scoring system. The 2A means the highest remarks and 3 is beyond expectations. Plus a great school report too. So for that, she got a reward from us...........and here it is..

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A wet July it is...

It's only a week since July took over from June and it has been raining already. It's definitely going to be wet month and I'm not gonna moan about it though because infairness we had a very good warm days over the previous months. After those sunny days I think we need some rain. Heavy shower are expected this month almost everyday. So, you'd better keep those wellies, rain coats, umbrellas and etc to keep you dry. Nonetheless, my kids seems to enjoy more the rainy days better. Here's a snapshot of them in the pouring rain.
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