Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Pregnancy Gifts

I am 8 weeks pregnant now and suffering nausea. I felt extremely tired 24/7 even if I don't do anything hard. I'm in the bed most of the time just get up do some food for me and the kids if hubby is not around but when he is, life for me is easier as he does everything from cleaning to cooking. I am very thankful for having such a great partner, who is very hands on and can do anything when it comes to household task. He is not only a good provider but an all-around husband. Lucky me, eh? He is now looking forward to change our 3rd child's dirty nappy again, hahahaha. He does the nappy change for all of my kids. He is very good at it especially when they are only tiny tot. Now he is delighted about my pregnancy and even bought me some gifts. He is that sweet and amazing. I'm spoiled:)
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Shabem® said...

Ah, I needed something to read kay wala na gyud koy click2x sa mga blogs for awhile. Aside from posting a few post para sa PP mao ra dayon. I am still trying to catch up sa mga news hehe..
Anyway, congrats and take some rest!

Rica said...

WOW!! thats so sweet...how does it feel being pregnant? i can't wait to be pregnant like you. i am so excited sa baby. madugangan jud imo mga beautiful babies.

liezl said...

lisud pud gyud mag-buntis sis no (i remember my pregnancy days...bed rest ang beauty din)...maayo na lng you have a great partner. it's so sweet of him to shower you with gifts. ingatz lagi and God bless!