Monday, 15 June 2009

Poor yet Rich

15th of June 2009 (Monday) - It's my payday and yet I am pennyless than yesterday. Well, you know I have a monthly obligation back in Pinas. I promised my siblings to help them through college and hopefully if they complete their degree they could find a stable job to support their future needs. It's better that way, than to give them money to spend on going out and blah,blah. For me, this is kind of investment not for myself but for them not to rely on me forever. Now, I am giving them a chance to change their future and it is up to them to make it. I'll help them as long as I can afford to and I am thankful that hubby understand it all. He is very supportive and kind. He knows how much I wanted my sister to have a good education. It is, for no doubt the key to a good life wherever you are. I may be poor in terms of money but I am surely rich when it comes to emotional support and love from my family especially from my ever big heart hubby.
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liezl said...

hi haze...i enjoyed reading your posts here. karon lng ko kaagi sa imong payag. got your site from chikai's. i admire you for helping your siblings. you will be blessed more. maka-relate mi ni chikai sa imo. we also help our siblings esp. the one na nasa college pa. tinabangay gyud pag family. cge, God bless always.