Saturday, 30 May 2009

Voip Service

Okay, part of my homesick is missing my Mama so much. So, I just rang her and spoke to her but unfortunately the services cut us off right after minutes of talking and it's so annoying. I rang again and asked how she is and blah, blah, She seems to be doing fine and I'm so glad to hear that. Again, for the second time the connection was not good and it ended our conversation. How I wish I can switch to voip service right away. Our telephone provider is not giving us the services we want and it's so damn irritating. We paid quite a lot for nothing really. So, I have better talk to hubby about switching services to VOIP to avoid such calling disaster again. We have everything ready and all we need is decision and then sign up. This will be the first thing I would talk to hubby soon as he get up in the morning.

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