Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I'm torn apart

I have left this blog abandoned and unloved for quite a while and now seems that I am missing it. I am just too busy and too occupied of so many things and doing updates here is the least thing I would want to do. I know you all are waiting to see how I am doing and I know very well how much you all wanted to hear what I am up to these days. Well, you surely ain't missing anything! It's just same old, same old life, my usual ordinary days as a mother and wife. Do I sound too low? OK, let me do it straight. I have to be honest here, yesterday and today were the very low point in my life and I am feeling so down and depressed right now and perhaps in the days to come, weeks, months or presumably forever. It is hard to deal when the simple truth prevailed and once it's revealed and definitely proven there is no turning back. However, I have to carry on living because I have a husband and kids who needs me more than life. Only that I can't deny how I am feeling in this obstacles I am encountering right now. The hardest part of all is to know that life won't be the same again. I have my husband and kids, regardless! You might say, I am over reacting but you have no idea how hard it is to be woken up knowing that the person you loved and trusted in your entire life has broke your heart into pieces. I'm so deeply hurt and to be honest I am not sure how will I get over this. I am just left with so many questions. Why? Why it happen? It's the greatest betrayal yet and the hardest too. It's very sad to know that 1 minute I was happy then suddenly I'm torn apart....[:((] Plus, another sad news, Hubby's Auntie passed away yesterday @ 5pm. Me and hubby wonder what will be the 3rd one? As they say, bad news usually come in 3. And I don't think I can deal with another one anymore.[SIGH] Also, today is my sister's 8 years death Anniversary. How sad! It's a terrible week for me.

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Rica said...

hi ate haze :)

i was sad reading ur blog. well, i can't ask you why and what happened, i know its your personal life. all i can do is pray that everything will be back to normal. take care and stay pretty ^_^

happy mother's day


Shabem® said...

I remember when I was still in pinas my siblings would call me 'kapayason'. Kay dali raman ko makahilak gyud. Anything basta feel nako na let down ko my mood will turn to a series of crying moments. Somehow, I am not as strong as what I believe I am. I just want to give up sometimes and don't want to deal with the situation. Whatever it is right now that you're going through Haze. I hope you won't give up. Sounds like the root of it all is betrayal. It's definitely the hardest to deal with.
Not a lot going on sa blogging world. Pati ako mo post lang ko ug naa op pero not all the time na.

Condolence pod diay sa family ninyo.

I am glad I visited today! TC--
See you in Flickr!