Saturday, 30 May 2009

Caused of my Sleepless Night

The other night I was listless and sleepless and didn't have a clue what caused it all until in the morning when I ask hubby what paracetamol he gave me? I was working the whole day and when I got home I have a terrible headache so hubby handed me some paracetamol. After I tool 2 capsol of it - the nightmate began. No matter how hard I try to close my eyes my mind was so wide awake and keep on thinking so many different things. It was 2 am when I lie down with my wide open eyes and start thinking how I miss home then tears fell down my cheeks. I was very emotional and so I decided to get up and did some of me blog task at the same time chatting with my sisters. It was half passed 5 am when I went back to bed and try to sleep once again and yet I was unsuccessful. It was a nightmare! The kids and hubby woke up around 9ish and I asked him straight away if the paracetamol was the Pro Plus one with so much caffeine in it. And he nodded without hesitation and apologised. He forgot how badly my body react to caffeine. Never mind, I can still survive to a sleepless night. I just hope it won't happen again, lol. It's feels like I was on drugs and crying the whole night missing my family back in pinas. It was so weird, I tell you.

Btw, I've done some self portraiture collage last night..............

Happy weekend!

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