Saturday, 30 May 2009

21, 22, 23!

Okay, what I am talking here is my PAD entries lately and so far I am doing so fine with it and hoping to continue and to complete my whole Pic-a-day project.

May 21st of 2009 (Friday) - Yeah, we had made our first Suman of the year. Me and my friend helped each other and it tasted just as good!

PAD entry #134

May 22nd of 2009 (Saturday) - Previously, I talked about my son's allergy, yeah? So, this is his medicine that his Doctor prescribed. It helped him a lot.

PAD entry #135

May 23rd of 2009 (Sunday) - We had few good weather for the past few days and as promised to the kids I'll took them for a picnic outside. This was our Sunday's nibbles while waiting for the barbecue to cook. Yeah, mini chocolate muffin from TESCO and nothing wrong with it!

PAD entry #136

May24th of 2009 (Monday) - Daddy had been giving Kath her weekly allowance for a month now and she can buy whatever she fancy with it. So, this is what she bought on Sunday. Suprised, suprised it's a pink castle! She is sure a girly girl, lol.

PAD entry #137

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Ritchelle said...

Thanks for the comment Haze,tsktsk,ang kamaldita naku dire di muobra haha.

Do you still have those sumans? Ako lang nya anhaan ug pwede way visa-hay:D