Sunday, 31 May 2009

April & May PAD Calendar

Yay! I finally done my April and May PAD calendar. It took me long to do this 2 months because I was a little taken by the good weather over the few weeks. Anyway, I have put a little design but still the same width and length. I'll plan to print this out the end of this year for keepsake.


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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Caused of my Sleepless Night

The other night I was listless and sleepless and didn't have a clue what caused it all until in the morning when I ask hubby what paracetamol he gave me? I was working the whole day and when I got home I have a terrible headache so hubby handed me some paracetamol. After I tool 2 capsol of it - the nightmate began. No matter how hard I try to close my eyes my mind was so wide awake and keep on thinking so many different things. It was 2 am when I lie down with my wide open eyes and start thinking how I miss home then tears fell down my cheeks. I was very emotional and so I decided to get up and did some of me blog task at the same time chatting with my sisters. It was half passed 5 am when I went back to bed and try to sleep once again and yet I was unsuccessful. It was a nightmare! The kids and hubby woke up around 9ish and I asked him straight away if the paracetamol was the Pro Plus one with so much caffeine in it. And he nodded without hesitation and apologised. He forgot how badly my body react to caffeine. Never mind, I can still survive to a sleepless night. I just hope it won't happen again, lol. It's feels like I was on drugs and crying the whole night missing my family back in pinas. It was so weird, I tell you.

Btw, I've done some self portraiture collage last night..............

Happy weekend!

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Want a turbocharger?

I don't drive and I don't have a ride but I always fancy to have a turbo upgrade once I have my own car. I reckon hubby would want one for his own car before mine, lol. Though he is 44 but he still a young in heart. I observed him while driving along the road and looking around with other cars. The first thing he always noticed are those fast rides with and I know how much he'll want one and for that to happen he had to upgrade his cars I think. I've seen loads of car around that I think had turbocharger. It is very noticeable because of how fast they are. I bet there are tons of people who are on the look out for turbocharger and this is your chance to get one that has full warranty and etc. So, you'd better check out now! It'll sure give you the fastest rides or best turbochargers you want!

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21, 22, 23!

Okay, what I am talking here is my PAD entries lately and so far I am doing so fine with it and hoping to continue and to complete my whole Pic-a-day project.

May 21st of 2009 (Friday) - Yeah, we had made our first Suman of the year. Me and my friend helped each other and it tasted just as good!

PAD entry #134

May 22nd of 2009 (Saturday) - Previously, I talked about my son's allergy, yeah? So, this is his medicine that his Doctor prescribed. It helped him a lot.

PAD entry #135

May 23rd of 2009 (Sunday) - We had few good weather for the past few days and as promised to the kids I'll took them for a picnic outside. This was our Sunday's nibbles while waiting for the barbecue to cook. Yeah, mini chocolate muffin from TESCO and nothing wrong with it!

PAD entry #136

May24th of 2009 (Monday) - Daddy had been giving Kath her weekly allowance for a month now and she can buy whatever she fancy with it. So, this is what she bought on Sunday. Suprised, suprised it's a pink castle! She is sure a girly girl, lol.

PAD entry #137

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Voip Service

Okay, part of my homesick is missing my Mama so much. So, I just rang her and spoke to her but unfortunately the services cut us off right after minutes of talking and it's so annoying. I rang again and asked how she is and blah, blah, She seems to be doing fine and I'm so glad to hear that. Again, for the second time the connection was not good and it ended our conversation. How I wish I can switch to voip service right away. Our telephone provider is not giving us the services we want and it's so damn irritating. We paid quite a lot for nothing really. So, I have better talk to hubby about switching services to VOIP to avoid such calling disaster again. We have everything ready and all we need is decision and then sign up. This will be the first thing I would talk to hubby soon as he get up in the morning.

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Family Weekend

Nno matter how busy I am or my husband we always find time to have a family time together. It's very important for the kids to be able to go out and have fun with their respective parents. Me and hubby and both working but still we managed to have family time every now and then. It doesn't need to be fancy or spend a lot of money to achieve this simply pleasure that the kids need. Like after my work I asked hubby to take them to the nearest park from our place. It's like an afternoon walk at the same time bonding with the kids and exercising. We sure had a great time! Here's some photos to share........

IMG_9858 Smelling the flowers :)IMG_9922

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Outdoor Gears for my Nephews

Since I have trouble sleeping tonight I decided to just browsed through this BDU pants online and hoping to find some great training stuff for my nephews because in few months time they're about to start for their outdoors training and it would be so cool if I can send them one as soon as possible through my package. I just wanna suprised them once in a while and it can also be a reward for their good work. I've heard about how good this la police gear website - its where I can find quality gear apparels in affordable prices. Isn't it nice to have a convenient online store in everything you need? It's a whole lots of saving such as petrol, low prices and most of all plenty of choices!

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Sleep troubles

I have been so tired at work today that even my customers noticed it. I kept yawning and I was struggling to stay awake. I got home home about 8pm and watched my favourite programme with hubby and then headed to bed at about 11 o'clock for the thought that I would be asleep soon as I lay my body down in the bed. My body were so tired and ready to rest but my mind was wide awake and fighting to stay awake. Now, it's quarter passed 2am and still I am up and blogging. I just couldn't sleep at all. I don't know why? I didn't had any caffeine after 6pm at all. I guess, I am just thinking a lot about my family back in philippines. I am missing them 'll most especially to my Mama. It's been 3 years since I've visited them and for me it's quite a long time for me not to be able to see them. So, I am hoping to fly back there next year if not soon. Alright, I felt homesick and who wouldn't? I just hope that they are all in good health especially my parents.

Anyway, I wish everyone a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

May 15-20 2009

May 15th 2009 (Friday) - My son is the easiest person to photography with in this house so whenever I am desperate or run out of idea, he's always there to save me, hehehehe.

PAD entry #128

May 16th 2009 (Saturday) - I've worked for only half-day and after that me and the family went for a walk in the nearest convenient park. The kids had a great time.....

PAD entry #129

May 17th 2009 (Sunday) - Every mother always worry about of thier kids health. Every illnesses/pain the kids suffers mothers are wishing it'll be them instead. Right now, my son suffers bad allergy. None of us are sure enough what may caused it, not even his Doctor. What our Doctor said is, it maybe the heat or some food intake. It's all over his body except on his face. Well, it didn't really bother him at all. He is still bubbly, energetic and playful and also eating regularly, drinking and discharging. I took a snapshot of him and to be honest you could not notice it unless he is naked.

PAD entry #130

May 18th 2009 (Monday) - I finish work 7:15 pm and I got home about 8 pm so I didn't had any of my PAD entry yet and so, I took series snapshots of my little guy. Glad, he is in the mood for photoshoot, lol.

PAD entry #131

May 19th 2009 (Tuesday) - I promised the kids for a quick picnic after picking them from school (if the weather is nice). And it was! So, they had fun playing for few hours....

PAD entry #132

May 20th 2009 (Wednesday) - If my kids are not in the mood for photograph then I have no choice but to picture my fat face instead, lol.

PAD entry #133

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A whole week worth of updates

Okay! I apologised to this bloggy of mine once again for completely abandoning it for weeks not updating. So, here I am now trying to do some catching up. This whole updates is from 10th of May to 14th of May 2009....stay tune for the continuation!

May 14th 2009 (Thursday) - I felt so depressed and thankfully I have a husband who is very supportive and amazingly comfort me throughout the week. He has been always in my side since and one of the things he knows that cheered me up are flowers and so, he gave me one.

PAD entry #127Life is the flower for which love is the honey. Victor HugoThe great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.

May 13th 2009 (Wednesday) - It's been 9 old years that my sister (our eldest) passed away and until now I'm still missing here and wish she around to help me during the most difficult times in our lives.

Anyway, my friend went to Asian Store and hot me this cassava suman...

PAD entry #126

May12th 2009 (Tuesday) - My daughter had brilliantly maid an Octopus right after dinner from cutting out pieces in her mag and look how lovely it turns out...

PAD entry #125

May 11th 2009 (Monday) - Right after work, I watched my fave teleserye. I'm so hooked up with this soap and yeah, I get so annoyed too and always rant myself out loud the whole trough episode, lol.

PAD entry #124

Add note: (Sad note) Hubby's Auntie died at 5 o'clock pm....may she rest in Peace!

May 10th 2009 (Sunday) - We celebrated MIL's 66th birthday with the family. The kids saw their cousins and was gratefully played with each other.

PAD entry #123D' only gurlsplaying cricket

Btw, I'm checking out for the latest mobile choices here because not very long from now I'll get an upgrade.

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Few weeks later.........

The photos below was taken on the 5th of April 2009 . Our intention was to see the bluebells but unfortunately we were too early because this specific flower usually come out during the end of the month. We'll know better next time! But nonetheless, we had a great time nature walking. Here's some photo......
Hubby's priceless treasures, hehehe!IMG_7735 IMG_7736

and few weeks later............bluebells were everywhere!
English Blue bells@ woodland trustIMG_9496IMG_9514IMG_9515IMG_9547IMG_9558 IMG_9562

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Payday Loans

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I'm torn apart

I have left this blog abandoned and unloved for quite a while and now seems that I am missing it. I am just too busy and too occupied of so many things and doing updates here is the least thing I would want to do. I know you all are waiting to see how I am doing and I know very well how much you all wanted to hear what I am up to these days. Well, you surely ain't missing anything! It's just same old, same old life, my usual ordinary days as a mother and wife. Do I sound too low? OK, let me do it straight. I have to be honest here, yesterday and today were the very low point in my life and I am feeling so down and depressed right now and perhaps in the days to come, weeks, months or presumably forever. It is hard to deal when the simple truth prevailed and once it's revealed and definitely proven there is no turning back. However, I have to carry on living because I have a husband and kids who needs me more than life. Only that I can't deny how I am feeling in this obstacles I am encountering right now. The hardest part of all is to know that life won't be the same again. I have my husband and kids, regardless! You might say, I am over reacting but you have no idea how hard it is to be woken up knowing that the person you loved and trusted in your entire life has broke your heart into pieces. I'm so deeply hurt and to be honest I am not sure how will I get over this. I am just left with so many questions. Why? Why it happen? It's the greatest betrayal yet and the hardest too. It's very sad to know that 1 minute I was happy then suddenly I'm torn apart....[:((] Plus, another sad news, Hubby's Auntie passed away yesterday @ 5pm. Me and hubby wonder what will be the 3rd one? As they say, bad news usually come in 3. And I don't think I can deal with another one anymore.[SIGH] Also, today is my sister's 8 years death Anniversary. How sad! It's a terrible week for me.

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