Friday, 3 April 2009

Life in reality...

PAD entry #86

Ironing! Yes, I do some ironing usually every friday morning before going off to work. I just thought that it would be nice to finish my chores, so comes weekend I can be all relax and spend quality time bonding with my family. It's a hell lot of work but what can I do? I don't want my kids to look untidy and what more, hubby's work shirt definitely needs some ironing. I'm afraid this is the life of married woman, if not going to work you stay at home look after your kids and your husband unless you can afford to pay a maid. In our situation, we can afford if we want to but we will surely struggle's a bit, lol. So, instead of spending money to get a helper I should just do it myself. I can do it anytime I want anyway - be it today, tomorrow, the next day or the next year - there is no problem with my better half. He is not expecting me to work hard. I know lots of people do pretend about their lifestyle and do live in a dream and ignored what's the real world behind them. I am ambitious too, and I do like to dream but also I accept the fact of life and what is given to me by the "Highest" I totally accept it without shame. I can say I am blessed with one woman man, who is there for me through good times and bad - who loves me yesterday, today and tomorrow! We are not rich but we certainly have more than enough to survive and enjoy a happy life together - we live in reality and that's a fact!

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scart said...

you are truly correct and i, myself dont pretend what we are not coz like you we also live in reality :)

i like this entry of yours. so honest.