Saturday, 4 April 2009

Just a Silly Arguments

Just a little recap: Me and hubby had a little misunderstanding on Friday night. I went to bed without talking to him, not even a goodnight kiss and etc. He stayed up so late because he was not sure if he's allowed to come in our room to sleep. Come's Saturday morning, I woke up quite early and change my boy's nappy then gave them breakfast after. Hubby? Still not joining because I didn't asked him anyway. He can served himself - is what I thought! After breakfast I put on the rice cooker and then continued my ironing. About 1pm I decided to make some sausage casserole for lunch and exactly 2pm when its totally cooked and ready to be serve. My temper was not too bad and I told my kids to call their Daddy to join us for lunch. He came in the kitchen and tried to gave me a hug but I refused. Only in the middle of our lunch when he realised that I only waited for his apology. He said sorry and I forgave him. It was just this silly little thing you know. If only he transferred my software to my new laptop it wouldn't have been a fight, lol. Isn't it too silly to argue about software? Anyway, we made up eventually and he went out about 6pm and got us this delicious Chinese take-away for our dinner. It was a good night and we we're able to watched space dogs in the end.
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